Friday, 30 July 2010

Smaragadine and Grass Shower Gel (Lush)

Last night I had a really gorgeous bath. I am usually a fan of sweet things but at the last forum party I bought a bottle of Smaragadine bubble bath and also a bottle of the new(ish) Grass shower gel.

Smaragadine Bubble Bath (LUSH) Buy Here!
Smaragadine Bubble Bath smells of patchouli, lavender and peppermint. It is quite expensive (£5.95 for a 100g bottle) but smells amazing in the water! I used half of the bottle which means it cost around £3. This is the around the price of a bubble bar or ballistic and so I thought it was worth it. It is a dark green colour in the bottle but once the bath has run, the water is clear. The smell wafted through the bathroom to the kitchen and the living room it was so strong! There were lots of bubbles too. Overall I think I'll be buying this one again as it got me nice and relaxed for bed and I can still smell it on my skin. It is a retro product so it can only be bought online and not in shops.
Grass Shower Gel (LUSH) Buy Here! 
I used Grass Shower Gel because I don't have many non-sweet shower gels! I love this gel, it smells like freshly mown lawn and is absolutely gorgeous. It is £4.45 for 100g which is still quite expensive but it is a nice luxury. It can be bought instore or online. I used this gel on my hair as well and my hair smelt amazing. I kept getting wafts of fragrance when I was in bed last night!

Veganese Conditioner (LUSH) - Buy Here!

I used Veganese Conditioner which I think is one of the cheapest conditioners that Lush do (£3.50 for 100g) and can be bought instore or online. It has a gorgeous lemon fragrance and contains seaweed to soften your hair. It is one of my favourites but it does strip your hair colour if it is dyed.

Ego Massage Bar - Buy Here!

When I got out of the bath I used Ego Massage Bar which has a lavender smell that always knocks me out and gives me a good nights sleep! It is a retro product and can only be bought online. It is expensive at £7.50 but well worth it for a perfect night of sleep. I use massage bars basically as solid lotions and just rub them all over my body when I have dried myself after a bath. They leave you quite oily but it soaks into the skin while you're asleep and your skin is amazingly soft when you wake up! 

Dreamtime Temple Balm - Buy Here!

Last, but not least, I used Dreamtime temple balm. This is a balm containing lavender, sandalwood, chamomile and jasmine and is perfect for sending you to sleep. This is £4.30 and can be bought in lush stores or online but it is being discontinued so get it quick!

I smelled really nice after this bath and dropped off so quickly once I got into bed. I can still smell it in my hair and faintly on the skin. I recommend it completely!



  1. Wow, that's devotion to Smaragadine! I like it, but dodn't buy any last time... what a fool!

    I LOVE Ego massage bar. I bet it is just lovely with Smarag... *dreams*

  2. Its really nice! It's expensive though so I won't be able to afford any for a while...